Required HIPAA Training

You must complete and pass at least one course to be certified. This training has been designed so you only have to take one course. Each course takes 30-45 minutes. If you use electronic devices to send, receive, store or access ePHI, you will also need to complete the HIPAA Security Training.
Please select the course that best fits you.

HIPAA for Clinical Care Providers
You provide patient care in a research or non-research setting (such as MDs; PAs; Nurses; medical, PA, nursing students; laboratory technicians).

HIPAA for Research Staff
You do not provide patient care, but you may encounter patient information in the course of conducting or supporting research (such as PIs, research associates or assistants or fellows, Ph.D.s, graduate students, EPH faculty).

HIPAA for Administrative Staff
You do not provide clinical care or conduct research, but encounter patient information in the course of your job (such as staff in patient billing, scheduling, reception, registration, medical records; staff of the Benefits Office; support staff for researchers & clinicians; administrators).

General overview to HIPAA
Everyone else at the Schools of Medicine and Nursing, the department of Psychology and Yale University Health Services.