Tuition Reimbursement for
Non-Yale Courses and Programs

2010 Reimbursement information and links
  Beginning January 1, 2010, Your Spending Account (YSA) will administer Yale's Tuition Reimbursement Program. Employees who participate in the program will need to submit required documentation to YSA by specified deadlines.

Application For Tuition Reimbursement

To access the on-line Tuition Reimbursement Application you will need to log into the new MY Portal , click the link above.



Frequently Asked Questions



Navigating to your On-Line Form

Click on the link above for a document that will assist in guiding you to the on-line form.



Policies and Procedures

To review and/or download a printable copy of the University's Tuition Reimbursement policies and procedures documentation applicable as of January 2010, click the link above.

Contact Information
Yale’s Employee Service Center at 203-432-5552
Or Hewitt at:
      P.O.Box 785040
      Orlando FL 32878-5040
      1-888-211-9900 (fax)